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Sausages for dinner

May 06, 2013 Food & Recipies

When I was over at Settle last week I visited Drake and Macefield Family Butchers and Champion Pie Makers!  I brought back some of their award winning sausages, pork and red onion to be precise, together with their own caramelized red onion marmalade to make a very warming and easy dinner for the family, here is what I did:

To feed 5 big appetites!

Slice a couple of onions and put in an oven proof dish with the (20) sausages on top and cook, turning half way through to get an all over tan.

Mix in the jar of onion marmalade and a good splash of red wine to loosen the mixture and give a bit of gravy to go with the mash.

Boil a big pot of potatoes and mash with butter, milk and an egg - yes an egg! Just crack an egg into the potatoes and mash it all in, makes it very smooth and adds colour.

Serve with some lovely, in season veg which you have picked up at a local farmers market!  Yes, buy local and certainly buy British!  Oh and get a nice homemade pudding while you are there!