Shaw End Mansion

Lazy Daisy’s Lakeland Kitchen

June 29, 2013 Food & Recipies

Having been invited yesterday evening to eat at our friends' cottage, here is a great opportunity to share a popular local restaurant and just brag that we were dining at the owners' house and treated to a 5 star meal while taking us for a tour of the veg plot and hens!  As at their restaurant, the food was locally sourced (veg plot and hens, so very local!) and prepared and presented to perfection. Home made fennel bread ( prepared earlier, of course), tender scallops with wafer thin slices of chorizo and courgette (yes from the garden) and a tomato salsa, followed by melt in your mouth smoked haddock and salad (home grown although I'm guessing the olives were not), and ending with the fluffiest, creamiest cheesecake - Mmm! Doesn't that make you want to get down there?! 

Lazy Daisy's Lakeland Kitchen in Windermere is a very nicely placed restaurant for guests travelling into the Lakes from Shaw End or returning at the end of the day. Open all day and with a car park nearby, visitors can stop by for a coffee and cake, filling lunch or perhaps celebrate a special event (or just being on holiday!) with an evening meal.

The restaurant is tasteful, welcoming, very friendly and the food is fabulous and served in very generous portions which for the Robinson clan of 'big eaters of really GOOD food' ticks all the right boxes!

Chef Tony and Anita Benton own and run Lazy Daisy's with their son, Adam, now head chef.